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Terms of service

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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Service


1 Introduction

1.1 The following terms and conditions apply to all bookings made through Africa Wild Adventures, hereinafter referred to as “AWA”. Please read them carefully, because they determine yours as well as our rights and obligations. These terms and conditions apply to all travel arrangements between AWA and the customer. Africa Wild Adventures is a booking agency that offers organized self-drive travel, guided tours, car rental and accommodation for customers.

1.2 The contract comes into effect on the date on which the customer’s booking is confirmed in writing or by e-mail and in paragraph 2.1. specified prepayment amount received by AWA.

1.3 The contract is governed by the laws of the Namibia.

1.4 Any person making a reservation to AWA guarantees that he or she has the necessary power of attorney to enter into this contract on behalf of the person or persons included in the booking. The person booking with AWA is liable to AWA for the full amount.

1.5 By making a reservation with AWA and paying the advance payment, the customer accepts these terms and conditions as part of the contract and acknowledges their legal relationship.

2. Booking procedure

2.1 A non-refundable prepayment of 40% of the total price is required for the booking confirmation.

2.2 The customer must pay the contracted sum to AWA no later than 6 (six) month before departure.

2.3 If the total contract amount has not been paid to AWA 6 (six) month prior to departure,AWA has the right to cancel the reservation and retain all advance payments or other services previously received by the customer.

2.4 Accommodation is provided according to travel planning. The property is subject to availability on the date of booking. AWA reserves the right to use alternative accommodation of the same or higher standard.

2.5 In the case of any reservation made less than 6 (six) month prior to departure, the full contract amount is due upon confirmation and is non-refundable for all late bookings.

2.6 If a booking is changed by the customer to a date prior to the one originally reserved , AWA will endeavor to change the booking but no guarantee of availability can be given. If the booking is changed later, fees may be charged according to 5.2.

3. Payment procedure

All payments must be made by direct deposit or bank transfer to AWA’s bank account. The bank information will be communicated with the written booking confirmation.

4. Cancellation Policy

4.1 Any cancellation of a confirmed booking must be made in writing or by e-mail to AWA.

4.2 Cancellations received outside official office hours will be considered as delivered the next business day.

4.3 In case of cancellation the following cancellation fees are due:

After confirming the booking: 25%

45 – 28 days before arrival: 50%

27 – 15 days before the planned arrival: 75%

14 – 0 days before the planned arrival: 100%

4.4 If a customer who is part of a group booking cancels his or her individual booking, the entire group booking is considered canceled.

4.5 If the remaining parties to the group wish to retain the contract, the remaining parties to the group shall be liable to the person for the resulting increased contract price to be paid per person.

4.6 There will be no refund for no shows or non-use of any services. This also applies to customers who have booked a tour, but do not perform this for any reason.

5. Itinerary

5.1 Namibia has a qualitative but limited tourism infrastructure and the demand for car rental, accommodation, transfers, locations and activities often exceeds capacity. Therefore, it is essential to provide us with the confirmed dates and number of travelers as soon as possible.

5.2 Although every effort is made to comply with the confirmed itinerary, AWA reserves the right to make changes to the benefit of the customer. Because AWA plans the arrangements in advance but has no control over, or ownership of, airlines, lodging companies and / or other companies providing services, changes and even cancellations may occasionally be necessary. In the event that an accommodation, activity, service, flight, etc. has been duly confirmed by AWA and for whatever reason is unavailable, AWA shall not be liable for this.

5.3  AWA has the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel a tour in whole or in part, or to change the route, accommodation or other details. This includes any event that makes a tour impossible, illegal or not recommended, whether due to weather, strikes, riots, obstruction by government or others, or any other cause. Any special expenses incurred as a result of this will be borne by the customer.

5.4 As it is possible for the customer to deviate from the planned itinerary after departure, it is agreed that all extra costs incurred as a result of such deviation shall be borne by the customer and unused services will not be refunded. Changes and cancellations on the way must be made directly with AWA

6. Responsibility and liability

6.1 Neither AWA nor any person acting for, by or on behalf of AWA shall be liable for any loss or damage arising for any reason whatsoever, and without limiting the general validity of the foregoing, these persons shall not be liable for any damages and losses caused by any errors or omissions in the brochures or other documentation. Late, as well as non-confirmations or assumptions of bookings, losses or damages caused by delays, illness or death, whether due to negligence or not, are not the responsibility of AWA. Customer agrees to indemnify, AWA its agents and employees for all losses, damages, costs and expenses incurred by Customer in booking and participating in a tour with AWA.

6.2 AWA acts as a tour operator and facilitator for local and international accommodation providers and activity providers, and therefore assumes no liability for any loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or other incident or irregularity that may occur. AWA makes every effort to ensure that all agreements and services related to the customer’s travel agreement are executed as agreed and in the most efficient and effective manner. However, AWA has no direct control over the provision of services by the service providers (hotels, lodges, guesthouses, pensions, car rental companies, activity providers, etc.). Although these are always chosen with the utmost care, AWA accepts no liability for failures of these service providers.

6.3 AWA can not be held responsible for damage or loss of personal items, including bags, their contents, as well as photographic and related equipment.

6.4 AWA can not be held responsible for any (personal) damage or for the death of Travelers, nor for any further damage caused by these tragic events, except if they were caused by AWA intentionally.

7. Situations beyond our control

In the unlikely event of an unplanned extension of the tour, if caused by flight delays, bad weather, strikes or any other reason beyond the control of AWA, it is agreed that the costs incurred thereby (accommodation, etc.) shall be payable by the customer. AWA accepts no responsibility for any changes, failures or delays prior to or during a tour if they are caused by technical problems, weather conditions, strikes or communication failures.

8. Insurance

Travel cancellation, loss, injury, illness and baggage insurance is strongly recommended for all AWA Traveling customers. Customers undertake all activities related to travel at their own risk and are responsible for their own insurance. AWA can not be held responsible if a customer does not have adequate insurance coverage.

9. Visa

It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the passports and visas are valid for the duration of the tour. AWA can not be held responsible if a customer does not have the required visa or other necessary travel documents. If a customer does not have the necessary documents to enter an area or country, AWA can not be held responsible for the customer’s further travel arrangements.

10. Health and personal safety

10.1 The customer must be fit enough and healthy to undertake the tour.

10.2 If a malarial area is visited during the tour, protection against malaria should be carried out before the start of the tour. Customers should consult with their doctor.

10.3 The tours offered by AWA cover a wide range of the African wilderness and neither AWA, its employees or agents can be held liable for any injuries or other related incidents during the tour.

11. Renting a vehicle

11.1 The customer concludes a direct contract with the car rental company Africa Wild Adventures Namibia , hereinafter referred to as “AWAN” regarding the rental of a vehicle. AWA is not a contracting party and therefore can not be held responsible for any difficulties, problems or damages.

11.2 The terms and conditions of AWAN apply at all times for vehicle rental. If there are any discrepancies between the terms and conditions of AWA and those of AWAN the terms and conditions of AWAN will replace those of AWA regarding vehicle rental.

11.3 AWA and AWAN reserve the right to replace the booked vehicle with a similar one.

11.4 The contract between AWAN and the customer must be signed at the car rental office.

11.5 Standard insurance does not cover damage caused by sandstorms, damage to tires, personal property and personal injury.

11.6 All vehicles have full liability insurance and fully comprehensive insurance covering 100% of the vehicle value.

11.7 The renter must present a valid driving license.

11.8 The minimum age of the driver must be 25 years.

11.9 No vehicle may be brought outside Namibia without prior authorization and a Border Permit issued by AWAN.

12. Airlines and charter companies

AWA can not issue airline tickets, but is willing to act as agent on behalf of the customer when booking with an airline or charter company. The customer concludes a contract with the airline or the charter service, not with AWA